About Us


SteelHead is a team-first organization.  We encourage all team members to look for a better way to do things and expect great ideas to come from every level of our organization.  We respect authority and experience but reject bureaucracy.

SteelHead has an uncompromised commitment to success.  Our team aims high and works diligently and relentlessly in the pursuit of our goals.  We are results-oriented, not political, and strive to work hard with no drama.  

We communicate with candor, kindness and respect.  Excellent communication is the key to solving problems, overcoming differences of opinion and building trust.

We are honest and will never compromise the truth – both with others and with ourselves.  Trust your team members, and be trusted by them.  Trust and integrity must be the centerpiece in all of our interactions, and this requires not only truth-telling but also being genuine and being yourself.  

We are committed to making thoughtful and collaborative decisions, even when they need to be made quickly.  In our collective pursuit to be the very best, mistakes can happen, and when they do, we identify them early to minimize their impact.  We learn from our mistakes with a spirit of accountability and self-improvement.

Our thinking is possibilities-based instead of constraints-based.  We visualize excellence in all areas and map out how we can get there, instead of allowing barriers to compromise our pursuit of excellence.  

Always remember to have fun!  Great satisfaction comes from hard work and achieving lofty goals with your teammates.  Our team is made up of the best people and we find joy in collaboration and mutual success with our teammates.


Rebecca Bryan

Director of Property Management

Pete Rose

Director of Service Management

Sharina Rice

Operations Performance Manager

Mary Biehl

Senior Accountant

Christine Campbell

Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

Regional Manager-Affordable, DC Portfolio

Jessica Sugg

Training and Development Manager



Strength of Purpose 
Gratitude and Grace
Collaboration and Communication
Relentless Pursuit of Excellence 
Uncompromising Honesty
Trusting in Each Other and Ourselves 
Spirit of Accountability and Self-Improvement 
Enjoying the Ride 

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